Freelancing Planners Inc. Is a People’s Company! 

Research enlightens us. Technology sustains us. But ideas and insights? They’re born from our people.

It is these ideas, along with dedication and expertise, that push us beyond and above the service lines to create solutions to prepare you for what’s next.

Our company provides hands-on approach to planning, connecting the project development cycle to dispensing the project. The benefit of this approach is that there is a transparent communication between our delivery team and you, our esteemed client.

This saves money, reduces costs, time and excludes unneeded projects, consequently increasing your company’s profitability. Combine this with the certainty of delivery and satisfaction guaranteed, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

The construction and financial industry in the UAE, for instance, function in a cost-conscious and competitive market, yet the approach that most companies adopt- both consultants and contractors are disconnected and inconsistent.

Frequently, project delivery is burdened by a lack of effective communication channels and not adhering to schedules.

This leads to contractual, and dispute settlements, and an expensive forensic analysis stage where all the lessons learned are not noted in subsequent projects. People end up repeating mistakes while wasting money and losing goodwill at the same time.

This is where Freelancing Planners come in. We bring you years of expertise and professionalism in financial and construction planning.


Our Tradition


We at Freelancing Planners boast rich tradition and history. Our accomplishments symbolize our inspiration for completing projects successfully. It is this tradition of yearning to deliver quality projects that keep us on toes and committed to our clients.


Our Values:

  • We are driven- drive sustains our agility and decision making.

  • We are inclusive- we acknowledge a culture where every individual belongs.

  • We deliver- we capitalize on ideas and embrace innovation.

  • Teamwork- independently, we’re okay, but as a team, we’re unbeatable.


Our Mission Statement

  • We nurture high performing individuals that deliver quality projects.

  • Our Vision Statement

  • To be the company of choice for value-minded customers and topnotch employees.


Our Services


Freelancing Planners key services are:

  • Baseline schedule / Program of Works

  • Project controls reporting

  • Progress dashboard

  • Project delay analysis

  • Project cost baseline

  • The baseline Project Management Plan

How to work with Us

  1. Press the “Post a Job” under Client Registration on our homepage and fill in your details.

  2. Fill the Form with Project relevant information

  3. One of our specialists will get back to you with an affordable Quote.

  4. Get your work done on Time.