Freelancing Planners Inc. is a platform who feels itself responsible to run the business in compliance to the applicable law, rules and regulations. Providing all sorts of possible support to all our users in order to maintain our confidence and admiration is part of our commitment. For the purpose we have developed this Code as a guideline to the usage of our platform appropriately. This Code is mandatory to be followed always and violation to this Code will result in disciplinary action and to be dealt as per our violation policy, leading to possible membership termination.

This Code is applicable for all user / members / suppliers / buyers to follow in its entire-ness. Freelancing Planners Inc. Support Team will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this Code and to address your concern(s) with appropriate practice(s).

Freelancing Planners Inc. forbids any type of retaliation against any user / member / employee / worker here who may report or partake in any investigation of a possible violation of this Code. In any such case, the victim may contact the support team accordingly for appropriate action.

  • Integrity & Confidentiality


Freelancing Planners Inc. members trust in our valuable platform and must make sure that the trust is maintained between both parties continually by acting ethically with integrity. Our members must respect the confidentiality and privacy of the platform and all associated parties. All members are not allowed to disclose any information or any type of documents (hard or soft), other than those which may be required by the law or authorized by Freelancing Planners Inc.


  • Contact & Communication


Freelancing Planner Inc. forbid member to contact other user asking their personal contact detail and ensure to maintain the official website features be only communication channels between all parties. No one will obtain names from group e-mail for any purpose other than serving the need of the platform. All members must avoid any inappropriate remarks, exaggeration, discrimination, unfair criticism, personal attacks or any non-professional and unethical behavior.


  • Tendering


Freelancing Planner Inc. encourage all members to participate in all tender(s) /bid(s), however user must bid only on the project which he / she is confident to complete. Members must not submit his / her quote underbid intentionally for benefits other than serving the purpose of platform. All users must report if any of the project(s) is found involved in the illegal activities / behavior.


  • Fraud and Spam


Freelancing Planner Inc. member must follow all legal / allowed procedures and will not get involved in any kind of fraudulent activities. Each individual is allowed to create only one user account and registration of multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. Member must not use this platform to generate false information or feedback about any individual or service. Member is also prohibited to advertise his / her personal blog, website or personal advertising material unless otherwise allowed.


  • Payments and Transfers


Freelancing Planner Inc. is not a financial platform, hence all members must ensure that they don’t use this platform to transfer any funds other than required for the allowed services provided or received. It is forbidden to use the platform to facilitate all types of financial institutions.