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A construction project schedule can be a graphical or written representation on how a project is to be constructed or completed. Written representation in this case means the information could be a description or a written narrative. It could be displayed in graphical representation as a COM schedule (what is COM schedule?) or a Gantt chart schedule.

A construction project schedule is analogous to the technical / construction methodology presented in the bid of a contractor, which is a high level estimate of the costs a particular project requires and the estimated time of completion for the project. A construction project schedule is a tool to enlighten the contractor’s methodology to complete the sequence of tasks and activities in a direction towards the completion of project.

Even in the ancient time, devising particular schedules were considered important and project were usually constructed with a great consciousness of the importance of time. Hence, the perception of project scheduling is not new. Concept of project management and scheduling were emerging between the 15th and 17th centuries, which were being applied to management of large projects. In 1917 Henry Gantt developed a bar chart (Gantt Chart) which was a revolutionary development in the history of project management tools. Since the early 20th century construction owners have started demanding contractors to provide detail schedules, and there are two key reasons for this:

As projects continue to be complex and have stringent budgets in terms of time and cost, schedules become paramount to help us manage construction projects within these constraints. A construction project management tools and techniques allow all the stakeholders, including the contractor, owner, architect, and engineer to understand the sequence of tasks /activities to be performed for a project to complete successfully.. Everyone has time to coordinate elements of the process.

To some extent, this trend has been influenced by litigation. Time equates to money. The more a construction project is delayed, all the parties involved will incur extra costs to support the project. So, there must be a way to measure the extent of project delay.

The constriction project schedule lets you identify what works and what does not, and the obligations of everyone involved in the project.

Once developed and agreed by key stakeholders, it enables you to measure actual progress in the project against the values planned, which also assists in monitoring the performance and to identify the area required for extra observation. Eventually, with a reasonable correct schedule will allow all the stakeholders identify and resolve project delay.

The last thing you should do is to disregard time conscious matters in the project's wake and have the project participants kick the can down, later. This normally leads to a claim being submitted since time was not solved, the project was completed late and the stakeholders cannot identify the cause of the delay. Ultimately, it leads in excessive amount of money and time spent on litigation.

The success of construction projects does not rely on the construction project schedule entirely. Everyone wants to complete projects timely and within the budget. And what better way than to address delays during the project.

Construction Project Planning

At Freelancing Planners, we support contractors avoid project delays with our construction project planning consultancy services. We can help identify delays early and evaluate critical schedule revisions and updates to ensure your projects are completed on time.

Partnering with a third party in construction project planning can bridge communication between contractors and owners, which usually includes communication to address and solve schedule performance responsibilities as discussed in the construction contract.

Freelancing Planners’ construction project planning consultancy services plays a crucial role in our clients’ ability to avoid delays issues. Early actions and track can help in effective analysis, recovery scheduling, litigation support and dispute resolution when an event like contract default, structure collapse, or disputes.

Freelancing Planners approach to planning of construction project in all stages ensures:

  • CPM logic is correct and complete.

  • The entire scope of work is well-defined.

  • Schedule is in line with contract requirements.

  • Critical and near critical paths are evaluated and reviewed.


Freelancing Planners will provide a construction project schedule tailored to your project needs.

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