What is Freelancing Planners Inc.?


Freelancing Planner Inc. is a platform where we provide services to both ends “buyers and sellers”, purely for the project management needs. Clients can post jobs online where professionals around the world registered with us can see them online and submit their proposals to complete the required job.


It is a mutually beneficial platform providing win-win situation for all.


How do I get registered?


Clients and Freelancers can use short sign-up form to get themselves registered with us, which is super easy and doesn’t require much time.  
Freelancers: Click on 'Become Freelancer' button from the menu, below is the sign up form to get to the subscription Page.

Clients: Click on 'Client registration' button from the menu, fill in the sign up form and get to the 'Post a Job' Page to fill in the required fields.


How do I bid for a Job / Project (Freelancers)?


In order to be able to submit a proposal / offer for an open job / project, Freelancer will have to become an active member by choosing one of our membership plans, then he / she will have to fill-up a detail form in dashboard including information related to his / her academic and professional achievements.


After becoming member, a Freelancer will be allowed to view available project in his / her dashboard and be able to submit quote for the project he / she wishes for. Once selected, the Freelancer can use a bidding form available at the portal to submit proposal / offer.


Can I change the job details (Clients)?


No, Clients can not change the job information / scope requirements etc., once the job is posted. However, Client may ask us to change the required details by issuing a ticket and send it to support@freelancingplanners.com.


Once the deadline has reached, it will not be allowed to change or modify any information on the job / project. 


Can I change my proposal / bid details?


No, Freelancers can’t change or modify information on their proposal / bid submitted on the portal, however they can submit their revised proposal / bid details by sending on bidding@freelancingplanners.com.


Once the deadline has reached, it will not be allowed to change or modify any information on the job / project.



Do I have to pay for registration?


There is no fee for Clients to register. Client can Post the Job for free once registered.


Freelancers can register with us free of cost, but will be allowed to bid after becoming an active member. There is a membership fees.



Can I get refund of my membership registration fee?


No, Membership registration fee is non-refundable.


What are charges for the bidding process?

We, at Freelancing Planner Inc. believe in providing superior quality service to our Clients, hence there is no fee applicable for posting any job on our portal and bidding process to obtain quote.


After registration with us Freelancers will not be charged* any additional amount during the bidding process unless specified in the bid requirement. *3rd Party Payment Gateway providers may charge their transaction fee.

When should a Client Pay for the Job (Client)?

The Project won't be started until a client does not not deposit the full amount agreed upon the quotation value. The invoice (equivalent to agreed quotation value) with the payment link will be forwarded to client for payment. The 100% deposited payment will be safe in our system and won't be deposited to the freelancer account until client does not approve the work.


How do I get paid (Freelancers)?


The payment won't be reflected to the freelancer dashboard until client approves the job. Freelancers can chose their preferred method of payment available on the portal to get paid for the jobs they have completed.



Can I select currency of payment?


No, you can’t select or change the currency other than the one mentioned in the job / project bidding stage.



What is Dispute Resolution policy?


The dispute resolution service will be provided by Freelancing Planners Inc. to the clients / members who wish to withdraw from the job / project in progress due to non-compliance to scope requirement or un-satisfactory performance / result. Client will get it refund and freelance member won't get paid. Freelancer will get a notice of Terms of Service violation and may get membership canceled by us.


No dispute claim from the client will be entertained in case the associated works does not fall in the project scope.


To file a dispute you can send an e-mail with detail on the dispute along with all support documents to dispute@freelancingplanners.com.