Out of five key process in project management Project Planning is an importance process which covers all of the project management knowledge areas.

Project planning plays an essential role in guiding all key stakeholders through other project phases. Planning is always necessary to identify desired goals, reduce risks, avoid delays & missed deadlines, and ultimately deliver an agreed product, service or result. Without careful planning, project performance is almost guaranteed to suffer and eventually result in unsatisfactory product. The Project Management Institute estimates that as of 2017, organizations were wasting an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested, due to poor project performance, which in most cases are due to poor planning.

Project planning requires breaking down a complete project into small activities / tasks, assembling a project team, and determining a schedule following which the work is to be completed. During this phase, you create smaller goals / milestones within the larger project, making sure each is achievable within the time frame. Whether you have an infrastructure project worth billion or a simple project, following the Project Planning process is the answer to ensure your path is right towards the success of your project.

In past few decades of evolution in using tools and techniques for project management, a lot more efficient and easy applications and softwares have been developed which have helped the project managers and other project team members monitor and control the project performance and all other importance aspects in the project. The Primavera P6 Planning software by Oracle is one of the best project management softwares which are available and being used widely to develop project schedules.

Project Owners and companies around the globe always require a proper project planning service in order to execute and complete their project, and in few cases a requirements of using certain application or software like Primavera P6 is inevitable, as it is the pioneer when it comes to project planning and management.

While working of large scale project, immense data needs advanced yet flexible company tools to give you numerous ways to organize, edit, and sort resources and projects. Primavera P6 can be used to organize projects that feature thousands of activities. Additionally, it provides endless resources and an infinite number of target plans.

The Primavera P6 Planner is perfect for companies that want to manage single or multiple projects simultaneously while at the same time managing many users across the entire company. The primavera project planner assists you to manage your projects and stay in control, which is the environment you need to succeed. Use the Primavera P6 planning software to define member accountability by assigning a project to subcontractors.

Make comparisons between time-based budget and exact costs and projects carried out while pursuing independent estimates of the cost to finish the project. Properly defined baselines allow project managers to keep track of all the changes taking place.  

Freelancing Planners will help you create all possible “what-if” situations to explore different alternatives. In addition, our Primavera P6 Planner lets you compare projects among different months with the Claim Digger tech feature. From the beginning to the end, primavera project planner gives you total control over all your projects.


Primavera P6 Planning


The primavera project planning program was designed to allow you to plan, operate, and schedule immediately. With intuitive and straightforward navigation, project planners will start to plan, schedule, and control projects quicker and effectively.

Freelancing Planners help project managers combine Primavera P6 planning software with our customer-centric project management solutions to control projects and investments.

Freelancing Planners now offers well-designed project management solutions, customized to you and your team members. By working with Freelancing Planners, you reduce cost and maximize time, enabling you to have total control.

Freelancing Planners offers 360oservice project management solutions and offers Primavera P6 planning services for leading companies throughout the region for years.

Our services:


  • We will help you understand what you need.


Developing your Baseline

  • We will identify all your project requirement and will develop a baseline using the Primavera P6 software



  • We will obtain progress updates from the project team and will reflect in the baseline to generate updated schedule



  • We provide progress reporting service as per required frequency


Freelancing Planners recommends using Primavera P6 Planner to develop proper project baseline to assist managing your projects, especially those with a lot of activities.