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A Project Management Dashboard, often called a Project Dashboard or Progress Dashboard is a tool used for reporting and analytics that shows the actual progress in key performance indicators comparing to the baseline values set for a specific project or a program containing many. It displays metrics for an overall progress and performance in a project and highlights areas of concern associated to any particular problem that requires further attention. A project dashboard is an ideal tool for PMO as well as individual departments that want to monitor progress for the success of projects. 

Consequently, projects dashboard makes the progress review a lot easier for Project Managers, Project Management Consultants (PMCs) and key stakeholders and help them understand the performance of team and earned value in a glance and won’t require much of their time to study detailed and in some cases complex reports. 

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Tagline: Give Your Business Dashboards Context

Project Dashboard is an excellent tool for data discovery and analysis, but they are not sufficient for managing a business performance

Freelancing Planners take it a notch higher by providing project dashboards that contextualize data based on your project framework and come with all the extras for helping your project reach completion.

  • Build Progress Dashboards

  • Visualize each phase of your project to the contribution of the overall plan.

  • Create measurable project dashboards using initiatives and tasks.

  • Enjoy infinite metric hierarchies.


Freelancing Planners’ project dashboard connects the entire project, data, analytics, management, processes, and the whole project framework to create a visual story exactly relevant and designed for your project.

What’s included in Our Project Dashboard?

The KPIs you select to track your project typically depends on the scope & nature of your project, the available data and the needs of the project team. So, the type of KPIs incorporated in the project may vary across project managers, teams, and the project themselves.

There are few essential KPIs which generally are part of the project dashboard, i.e.;

  • Planned Value (PV) 

  • Earned Value (EV)

  • Earned vs Planned Values 

  • Schedule Variance (SV)

  • Planned Cost 

  • Actual Cost (AC)

  • Cost Variance 

  • Project Milestones 

  • Percentage of Tasks completed

  • Submittal Logs 


Besides above here are some recommended KPIs by Freelancing Planners which would benefit if added to your project dashboard:

  • Conflicting tasks and dependencies

  • Task progress based on the project management tool.

  • Incoming requests and briefs.

  • Tasks behind schedule or tasks overdue.

  • A number of pending tasks or tasks in the review.

  • The number of tasks not seen or not assigned resources.

  • Areas of Concern require attention


Other than what you monitor, you can also determine how you want it to be illustrated on the project dashboard.

Here are common Freelancing Planners data presentation:

  • Text-based lists or values.

  • Charts and graphs.

  • Timelines like the Gantt chart.


You can even decide to have several dashboards for your project, such as one for the management and stakeholders, and more thorough ones for other team members. Freelancing Planners can help you monitor all the different sections of the project execution, and prepare a custom dashboard specifically designed for your project.

One of the advantages of having multiple project dashboards is that it lets you standardize the seniority, one and change their own whichever way they want.

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