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Our custom reporting services are designed to help you see the insights of your Project Progression. We deliver reports in different formats and according to your project needs.

"Get Viable Insights from Your Data with Reliable Analysis"

A project progress report is precisely what it sounds like, a document which enlightens in detail how far have you reached towards the completion of a project.

It provides the summary of the tasks and activities you’ve carried out, the tasks you’ve accomplished, and the milestones you’ve reached concerning your project plan.

Would you like to save your organization both time and money? Then Freelancing Planners is your one-stop-shop for all your reporting needs, where we provide you with variety of reports even in custom formats as per your project needs as per your desired frequency along with analysis tools and dashboards to help you access and understand your data in an effective way.

We are specialized in setting up the custom formats and updating the Progress Reports on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly as per the Project requirements.

We can single-handed work with your team to extract data from their daily, weekly & monthly activities performed and create reports, set up any reporting format as required specifically for the project, and help design the requirements. Freelancing Planners remains available to work with you when you need us to, and our services are tailor made to fit every client’s needs.

Generating reports is considered core area when it comes to monitor the progress & performance and to control the project team to reach the planned goals. This has translated into us doing reports for different types of business over time. Our highly qualified team comprises professionals who are located parts of the world, with over years of experience in Progress Reporting and Custom Report Development.

Outsourcing our services will also prove very cost-effective, given that you will only be required to pay for our help when you contact us for a specific job. This will help your company save funds that can be channeled elsewhere.

Building these reports in-house can be difficult because not everyone is intimately familiar with the different software platforms involved and in some cases all the team members are not well aware of reporting requirements and quality standards, hence complete or part of the essence of progress reporting may get wasted. Professionals in our team at Freelancing Planners is specially trained in this field and can quickly produce exceptional reports at a faster pace.

Crystal Reports

We pride ourselves in offering the very best crystal reporting services at an affordable price. Our clients are assured of the highest quality of work within a guaranteed short period. Delegating this task to us means that both you and your employees will be less stressed out and anxious, hence resulting in a spike in productivity.

PIRT Reports

Project intelligence reporting tools (PIRT) are essential for a business to be successful, and at Freelancing Planners, we offer you this and more services to widen your information and considerable project scope.

Custom Reports

Handing over your report building to us will also mean that you will get data, specially customized for your company. This will be in-depth and comprehensive and will aid you in making informed decisions for your company’s future endeavors.

We Provide Prompt and Professional Services

Freelancing Planners carries a team of highly trained software wizards who know how to mine for the information you need, compile it, and relay the same to you quickly.

We get results by utilizing the most appropriate and effective forms of reporting software. These different amazing programs aid us in delivering the top-notch results that all our clients require and deserve. Freelancing Planners guarantees you swift and in-depth reports at a very affordable cost.