To help keep track of a construction project’s progress and live events, Freelancing Planners provides premium professional services in construction project progress updates.

"Progress Update Reporting You Can Trust"

The market continues to heat, especially in the construction industry. More often than not, projects take longer because of the busy schedules that the local government and the contractors face.

Ultimately, loans reach their maturity time before even the project is complete. To help track the live progress of projects in construction, Freelancing Planners provides expert service in identifying the actual status and progress in a project and incorporate them into the project updates.

We provide stakeholders with all the relevant data they require to make sure budgeted money is applied correctly, and the payment applications match the actual progress of work done.

The critical tool in construction progress project updates is the construction site inspection and verification of works done. Experts visit the construction site, evaluate the progress by ticking the property checklist, analyze for compliance, and record findings via photographs, and then finalize their decision on the request for inspection approval. The approved RFIAs are  Freelancing Planners experts compile all this information into a project update report and present it to the client and project owner.

Analyzing the progress of a project keep the stakeholders aware of actual situation of the project and protect their investments. Freelancers Planning on behalf of the contractor ensures that the project updates are available on timely basis in view of which the look head plans must be communicated to the project team immediately in order to cover any delays and to ensure that the progress of actual work done matches money spent and deter any financial difficulties in the construction timeline.

Even those who manage the fund control process with their employees, outsource services to Freelancing Planners because of our comprehensive services and professional recommendations. Therefore, project progress updates are also offered a la carte to the client.

We provide project update services for various industries all over the world. While there are no requirements to conduct project updates, Freelancing Planners protects clients as a certified company that only works with a highly experienced specialists.