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Freelancing Planners provides complete range of delay analysis services, from project inception to completion.

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Other Names: Extension of Time, Time Claim Analysis, Extension of Time Claims, Delay Claims, Project Arbitration

Projects are often subject to delays, regardless of whether the contractor is or is not held liable. A delay claim for one day (or however number of days are involved) means the project scheduled for that day was not concluded, which could have severe financial implications and adversely affect the project's progress.

Delay analysis practice identifies why delays occur on any project and the impact they are expected to have on the overall program. The outcome of the analysis may lead to legal action brought by one party to the contract.

At Freelancing Planners, we provide professional service in analyzing & validating schedule delays and in preparing disruption claims.

Our delay analysis specialists are knowledgeable in identifying and designing schedule delays. Freelancing Planners determines liabilities, identify damages and measure the impact, and help to prepare a request for a claim or equitable adjustment in a cheaper and timely approach.

Once we quantify all critical and near critical path delays, we determine the root cause of each delay.

This process requires huge involvement as we have to do a lot of documentation to determine the cause-effect relationships of all the components involved and the inactions and their delays.

We then apportion each delay to the intended party, such as the owner, contractor, and consultant etc.

Freelancing Planners use these schedule analysis to provide useful recommendations regarding the compensable delay, time extensions, and acceleration.

Our delay analysis services have helped solve a lot of liquidated damages disputes between the owners and contractors.

Delay Analysis Methods used by Freelancing Planners:

  • Impacted As Planned Analysis

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • Time Slice Windows Analysis 

  • As-Planned vs As-Built Windows Analysis

  • Retrospective Longest Path Analysis (New)

  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis

Note: We Follow FIDIC, SCL, AACE, DM, ADM, RTA, ADNOC, DHA, DL and many more authorized General Conditions & Specifications


What Does Your Project Need to Succeed?

Freelancing Planners are experts in delay analysis, and we leverage our expertise and knowledge to help clients with dispute resolution, an extension of time applications, and claims management.

We use CPMs methods and analytical processes together with project documents review and other crucial data.

With this analysis, Freelancing Planners can comprehend how the works has been carried out in actual compared to the planned schedule and determine the extent of the project's delay.

We work as efficiently and confidently as possible to ensure we represent your delay claim exclusively. Contact us today for more information.